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Parents' Council

Parents' Council

St. Matthew's is special in so many ways: a beautiful, spacious campus, a caring and talented faculty, appropriately challenging programs and students who are unique in their own way.

What can sometimes be missed are the special qualities of the parents, who are actively involved in life at St. Matthew's and who help turn a great school into a great school community. Parent involvement is an intrinsic part of St. Matthew's success and charm.

If you have a child enrolled at St. Matthew's Parish School, then you are a member of the Parents' Council, our organization of parent volunteers. All are welcomed and encouraged to get involved!

The Parents' Council is responsible for a number of vital school activities and programs:

Fundraising: The Parents' Council plans two major fundraisers every year, the Auction Dinner in March and Town Fair in May. Monies raised through Parents' Council fundraisers help pay for special school programs -- such as new technology for classrooms, teacher seminars, financial aid and the after-school sports program. Hundreds of parents are involved with these fundraisers, bringing together families across all grade levels and helping to build a unified community.

Communication: The Parents' Council helps strengthen communication between parents, teachers and the administration through monthly Parents' Council meetings and class newsletters, distribution of the school calendar, and detailed announcements about events and fundraisers in the bi-weekly school newsletter, the Falcon Flyer.

Planning special events and programs. Beyond the two major Parents' Council fundraisers are many more opportunities for involvement. The Parents' Council organizes Grandparents' Day, oversees the Lost & Found, plans Cultural Arts programs, brings the latest recycling efforts to campus, recruits countless Library volunteers, welcomes new school families, sells used school uniforms...the list goes on and on.

Getting involved is easy. There's a volunteer job to suit every interest, schedule and talent, whether you have extra time or very little. Volunteers are recruited at the Parents' Council meeting on the first day of school, as well as at the Fall Open Houses. The Nominating Committee enlists Executive Board, Standing Committee, and Room Parent positions in the spring for the following year.

You can get involved by coming to Parents' Council meetings during the school year. This is the best way to become better informed about activities and volunteer opportunities. Feel free to contact the Parents' Council president, an Executive Board member, or any Room Parent if you have questions about Parents' Council events.

Participating in your child's education can be one of the most rewarding parts of being a St. Matthew's parent. It is most definitely win, win, win: the school benefits, your child benefits and you benefit through friendships and service. So get involved with the Parents' Council. Help the school, help the kids, and be a part of our special community.