Virtual Visit

As we near the end of the school year, and hopefully the end of a worldwide shutdown, I hope you and your family are well and managing to find moments of joy during this time. The last few months have been disruptive for everyone, but St. Matthew’s is working hard to maintain our commitment to learning, in whatever form it comes. I realize each of you has your own struggles and transition pains during this time given the stay at home order for most of the country - and the world. Remote working and remote schooling are overlapping and sometimes not in the easiest of ways. Yet we all continue to adapt and support each other as best we can.
Our teachers have been remarkable and are constantly updating their online curriculum as our remote learning continues. To see more of our distance learning at work - as well as past classroom happenings - we invite you to follow our Instagram page @serveleadflourish where we are posting photos daily. I hope to be able to welcome you to our actual campus in the near future, but for now, enjoy this Virtual Glimpse into St. Matthew’s!
Carinne M. Barker
Director of Enrollment
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