Strategic Planning

Strategic Plan | 2019-2026


Update Two: A Message from the Strategic Planning Committee

February 27, 2020
In September 2019, the SMPS Board of Trustees and Administration assembled a Strategic Planning Committee that is off to a great start. The first two steps in generating a six-year Strategic Plan outlining the dreams, ambitions, and goals of our ever-evolving community are complete. Ian Symmonds and Associates, the consultants retained to help us with this essential, self-reflection, has already met with several school constituencies (faculty, administrators, parents, and the Strategic Planning Committee) to understand the different perspectives within our community.
Secondly, we held four parent Dream Sessions led by Head of School Edward Kim. Thank you to everyone who took the time to attend one of these events and share what you love about our community, and what your dreams and aspirations are for the future of St Matthew’s. For those who were not able to make it a Dream Session, an online survey was emailed on February 13 to gather input from the entirety of our community. In addition, our 7th and 8th-grade students, as well as a sampling of alumni and alumni parents, were asked to share their ideas for the future of St Matthew’s in a separate online survey. The Strategic Planning Committee has synthesized the data from both the in-person gatherings and online surveys and discovered the priorities of our community and areas where we will likely focus our future efforts and resources.
In early March, we will meet with our consultant to assess the internal data we collected within the St. Matthew’s community, as well as the external data reflecting educational market trends among peer schools and the greater private school sector. Once we finalize our critical areas of focus, we will assemble Strategic Planning Sub-committees, which will develop specific goals within each focus area.
We greatly appreciate your support as we proceed with this critical, strategic process. Thank you. We are excited to embark on a plan for the next six years with such an inspiring community.
October 7, 2019
One of the priorities for St. Matthew’s Board of Trustees and Administration for the 2019-2020 school year is to generate a Strategic Plan, a six-year outline of our dreams, ambitions, and goals for this ever-evolving community.
The Strategic Plan is an opportunity for us to create a 360-degree view of St. Matthew’s: what we love, what we want to see more of, and what we can improve.
To help us with this self-assessment, we have retained Ian Symmonds and Associates. Ian has worked with hundreds of private schools in helping to shape their dreams for the future, including many schools here in Los Angeles. He and his team have specific experience with Episcopal schools and recognize our unique brand and strength in community building. Ian will help guide our process, but our community will drive the content and direction of our final plan. This is where you as parents come in…
Over the next few months, we will be gathering input from all the constituencies in our community. We will begin by hosting “Dream Sessions” hosted by me and our Strategic Planning Committee, where parents can share their visions, hopes and aspirations for St. Matthew’s. Later this fall, we will ask all parents to participate in an electronic survey where we will solicit your feedback on all aspects of St. Matthew’s. Parental participation is paramount to creating a comprehensive road map for our school’s future so that our students and alumni are prepared to serve, lead and flourish today, tomorrow – and all of the tomorrows yet to come. We ask that every St. Matthew's family attend a session, if convenient.
Thank you for your support of St. Matthew’s Parish School!
Meet the Strategic Planning Committee
Edward Kim, Head of School
Callene Momtazee, Chair, Board of Trustees, Current, and Alumni Parent
Roz Nieman, Co-Chair Strategic Plan, Trustee, Current, and Alumni Parent
Kristin Waters, Co-Chair Strategic Plan, Trustee, and Current Parent
Michaela Carmichael, Assistant Director of Advancement, and Alumni Parent
Hunter Doble, Trustee, Current, and Alumni Parent
John Dowling, Upper School Faculty Representative
Lisa Goldman, Vestry Representative, Trustee, and Alumni Parent
Cory Lake, Lower School Faculty Representative, and Current Parent
Juana Ochoa, Assistant to the Head of School & Director of Human Resources, and Alumni Parent.
Alex Thain, Trustee, and Current Parent
Mary Vig, Parent’s Council President, Trustee, Current Parent
Hilary Wynperle, Trustee, Current, and Alumni Parent
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