Pool Project Donor Roll

Donor Roll

All attempts have been made to ensure this alphabetical list is accurate reflecting gifts up to August 28, 2018.
To correct an error, please accept our apologies, and contact the St. Matthew's Parish School Development Office at 310.454.1350 extn. 156.
Thank you to all our Donors for their support
John and Michele Adams
The Adeli Family
Richard and Kim Albarino
Gina and Mark Albert
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Alford
Mr. and Mrs. Tad Allan
Jessica and Paul Allen
The Anna Family
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Arthur
Karen Attyah
The Baas-Maynard Family
Charmaine and Sean Bailey
The Barberia Family
Tom and Rachelle Barrack
Ms. Alexandra Bartholomew '02
Zena and Bart Bartholomew
Leisle Bartley
Amy and Carter Beal
The Beaver Family
The Bekins Family
The Belden Family
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Benedikt
The Benjamin Family
Gaylen Bent
Mr. Andrew Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Brau
Adam and Maria Braun
Ms. Whitney Cale Brejcha '96
Mr. Carl Bresk
The Brill Family
Mr. and Mrs. J. Taylor Browning '88
Clare Cacciapaglia
Charles and Jessie Cale
Ann and Don Camacho
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Campeau
Ms. Kristin Quinn Canon '92
Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Carmichael
Carol and David Carr
Martin and Courtney Caverly
Kevin and Kareen Chamberlain
The Chapus Family
Cydney Chase-Bartell '97
Tom and Genelle Cherry
James and Amy Childress
The Choi Family
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Chudgar
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Clark
The Collar Family
Peter and Susie Comisar
Rick and Lindsay Commons
Trevor and Tara Connon
Jocelyn and Greg Cortese
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Crane
Lynn and Mike Croft
Peter Crosby and Janet Davis
Will and Sarah Crump '93
Graham and Kimi Culp
Maggie and Matt Cwiertnia
Carrie and Matt Dalton
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dameris
Gabrielle Davis and Family
Cindy and Mike Davis
Jerry and Krista Del Colliano
Liz Denham
Andrew and Jennifer Devkar '93
Gail and Dan Didden
Hunter and Kristin Doble
Dolly and Jon Doris
The Douthitt Family
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Durbin, Jr. '93
Gillian and Scott Edel
Eric and Debora Edmunds
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Ehlers
Dr. and Mrs. Troy Elander
Emmett Foundation
Timothy Eng and Melanie Murakami
Jean Enns Mark and Sarah Ervin
Jillian and Eric Esby
Kelsey Spies Evans '89
Damon and Lindy Fisher
Janette and Gerry Flintoft
Paul Galvin Memorial Foundation Trust
Evanne and Edward Gargiulo
John and Helen Garland Foundation
Jennifer Garner
Todd and Shana Garner
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Gaunt '89
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Geller
The Giammarco Family
The Gilman Family
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Goldberg
Ron and Chris Graves
Scott and Helen Graves
Mr. William Greene
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gregory
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Campeau
Ms. Kristin Quinn Canon '92
Vicky Collison and Dean Grinsfelder
Josh and Ryan Gutierrez
Bryan and Kelli Haas
In Honor of Henry C. Hallowell
David and Lindsey Hansen
Bruce and Kathy Harlan
Leslie and Ryan Harter
Trey Hastings '81 and Maureen McHale
Wally and Maida Hastings
Michele and Schuyler Havens
Greg and Emily Heidt
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Helvey
Mr. Andrew Herzog '92
Joan and David Hill
Mr. Kevin Hillyer and Traci Young Hillyer '87
Matthew Himes and Ingrid Kiefer, In Memory of Adolph Kiefer
Tony and Kristen Hocking
Paul and Samantha Hoegh-Guldberg
Ms. Susan Halloway
Chuck and Ann Hoover
Hudson Morcomb Family
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hurst
Susan and Jim Huser
John and Barbara Ingram
Jenna '96 and Charles Jackson
Susan Spira and Robert Jacobson
Liz and Billy Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jones
Stephen and Heather Kadenacy
Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Kanner
Craig and D'Lynda Kaplan
Brooke and Michael Kathrein '98
The Kazimiroff Family
The Keare Family
Mr. and Mrs. Keatinge
Joe and Monica Kennedy
The Kinnear Family
Steven and Missy ‘83 Kolsky
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kornfeind
Mr. Erik Kronstadt '98
Monica and Ross Lacy
Jay and Kristen Langan
Michael and Carol Lanning
Kendra LaSalle
Lisa and Chris Laurence
Tom and Sarah Lavia
Mark and Sonia Lazar
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Lee
Jin and Jennifer Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Levi
Mr. Dom Lombardi
Mr. John Lombardi
Mary Lou and Bill Loper
Emily Mackay
Sandy Le and Curtis Macnguyen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Madden
The Malleck Family
The Martinez Celaya Family
Drs. Michael and Katherine Maynard
Team McCarthy
Cheyne and Ryan McClellan
Dixie McClure
Matt and Janet McKillop
Sarah McMahon '04
McNicholas Family
Patrizia and Joseph Meier
Mr. Barrett Meister '06
Lawry and Charles Meister
Evan Meister '08
Raymond, Robin, and Ethan Meyers
Christine and Dennis Miller
The Momtazee Family
Mr. and Mrs. James Montgomery
Joshua and October Morrow
The Morse Family
The Mortenson Family
Ramin and Sarah Moussavi
Cara Leonard and Russell Munn
Sean and Tanya ‘94 Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Nassi
The Nissen Family
Brett O’Brien and Karen Murphy O'Brien
Carol and Steven O'Day
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin O'Malley
Jonathan and Margaret Odonnell
The Padma-Nathan
Family J. Douglas & Marian R. Pardee Foundation
Ms. Skye Paterson
The William G. Paul Charitable Fund
The Perez Family
Brian and Kelly Peterson
Sarah Seo Peterson '94 and David Peterson
Ellen and Erik Pfahler
June and Carl Phelps
John '82 and Marlien Phelps
Joe and Jill Piscatella
The Porter Family
Devon '91 and Jeremy Pothier
Katie and Peter Powell
Ms. Teresa Anne Power
Sara and Keith Prokop
Lissa and Steve Purdy
Ms. Cathryn Quinn '94
Colleen and John Quinn
Scott Rahn
Amanda Rastegar
Melissa and Justin Rawlins
Christine and Jason Reese
Kerrie and Perry Richards
Ms. Nicole Richards
John Riley and Bev Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Rivers
The Roby Family
Ms. Alison Rockwell '68
Mr. and Mrs. Erik Rolle
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Roosa
The Rowen Family
The Royce Family
Kendrick F. Royer and Marianne Wisner-Royer
The Rozelle Family
The Russell Family
Mr. and Mrs. William Rutledge
The Salimpour Family
The Schetter Family
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Schinto
Rachel and David Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sebastian
Darren Seidel and Eliane Paul Seidel
Lori and David Selna
John and Chloe Seung
Richard and Carolee Share
Ms. Alexis Sherman '00
Elizabeth and Peter Shoemaker
Moira and Rajath Shourie
The Lazenby Shriver Family
Ms. Kristin Sibson
The Silletti Family
Ms. Christie Smith
Ms. Linda Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Curt Sobel
Mr. Brett Sobel '04
Mr. Jay Sobel '02
Mr. Tommy Sobel
Amber and Benjamin Sprague '93
St. Matthew's Parents' Council, In Honor of Stuart Work, Head of School 2011-2018
The Stevens Family
The Stokdyk Family
Ms. Rowan Storm
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strickland
Brian and Emily Sullivan
Mark and Gayle Sullivan
Joan and Bob Sumpter
The Sykes Family
Dana and Brooke Temple III
Joseph and Jacqueline Tesoriero
Alexander and Tracy Thain
David Theis '68
Jacquette S. Theis Family
Todd Thompson and Giada De Laurentiis
Zak and Dominique Thornborough
Anne and Gary Toeller
Katherine and Patrick Tooley
Kris and Todd Toral
Laura and Jeff Traister
Suzanne and Peter Trepp
Kim and Kevin Tyler
Alexis and Ed Ulbrich
Mrs. Chris Van Hook
The Vig Family
Alexa and Jorge Villen
The Vincent Family
Toni Knight and Anthony Vinciquerra
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Barton
Ms. Rebecca Waid
John Ward and Dee Dee Wright
Erik and Kari Ann Warren '80
Kari Weaver and Dave Czerniewski
Jeff and Christine Weller
The Williamson Family
Daniela and Doug Winter
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Wood
Stu and Rachelle Work
The Wuchenich Family
Courtney '97 and Peter Wyman
Hilary and William Wynperle
Mark Yoshitake '90
Marcia and Doug Young
Ms. Kathryn Zacuto '04
The Zytko Family
Matching Gifts and Organizations
AECOM Technology Corporation
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Boy Scout Troop 223
Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program
Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors Foundation
Sempra Energy Foundation
St. Matthew's Day Camp
St. Matthew's Parents' Council
Wells Fargo Matching Gift Program


We have a lot to be grateful for; the pool opened on schedule in June 2018!


Construction on the Pool Renovation Project broke ground in October 2017 at the conclusion of the swim team season. We created the pool we need at a price we can afford and minimized disruption to the Summer Day Camp and Swim Team schedules. The renovated facility will provide future decades of students, Day Campers, Boy Scouts and parishioners with an improved, more accessible and durable pool, with a greatly expanded deck area and efficient and modern heating and filtering systems.  


We have achieved our $1.7 million Pool Project Campaign goal and continue to accept donations towards the pool's maintenance.

Additional contributions are most welcome. Give online here.