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Contact Us

Contact Us

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.  St. Matthews’s school representatives are available to talk, exchange emails or meet with neighbors.  The school phone number is 310-454-1350, church 310-454-1358, or we can be reached via email at:

Community Liaison - communityliaison@stmatthewsschool.com

Edward Kim, Head of School, ext. 146 – ekim@stmatthewsschool.com

Ellen Pfahler, Director of Finance, ext. 140  – epfahler@stmatthewsschool.com

After hours emergency, please contact Palisades Patrol at  (310) 454-7741 or call 911.

To report a car parked illegally please contact the Parking Violations Bureau, Department of Transportation, at 213-485-4184 or 818-756-9418, and an officer will be dispatched.