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"Only connect" was the theme of English novelist E. M. Forster, whose writings were primarily concerned with the quality of personal relationships.

Since its inception in 1949, connecting - nurturing and developing a community of children and adults - has been central to life at St. Matthew's Parish School. From early childhood to adolescence, students are guided by a dedicated and caring faculty in partnership with devoted, involved parents. Life-long friendships are formed and strengthened within this caring community both for adults and children alike. Alumni and alumni parents, along with the close ties to the parish further instill an awareness of the present to the school's history and place in the greater world by enveloping all with a sense of tradition, values and pride. Much of our vitality as a community stems from each participant's belief that the success of each student depends upon our ability to help each child recognize, appreciate, and develop to the fullest of his or her potential.

To better view for yourself this connectedness, we invite you to learn more about our Program, Parents' Council and Alumni. More detailed information is available to our current students and parents through their login accounts; if you are not a current student or parent, please click for a Directory of Administration, Faculty and Staff who can address any inquiry you might have.