Mitigation Strategies

Screening Before and During School
  • Parents/guardians are required to screen their children for COVID-19 symptoms prior to bringing them to school each day.
  • Employees are required to complete a self-screen of COVID-19 symptoms before coming to school each day.
  • Employees or students who have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 should stay home.
  • Daily temperature checks, using no touch thermometers, will be done upon arrival at school for all PS and PK.
  • Daily visual wellness checks for all students will be done on arrival and throughout the school day.
  • Employees engaging in symptom screening will be given masks, face shields, and disposable gloves.
  • There will be routine PCR COVID-19 testing for staff as per recent CADH guidelines (25% of employees over two weeks, 50% over one month, or 100% over two months).
  • There will be an availability of testing resources within the community and employee health plans will provide access to periodic testing with reasonable turnaround times.
  • The department of Managed Health Care has filed an emergency regulation to require health plans to pay for COVID-19 testing for all essential workers (school employees).
  • See Appendix A for additional information about screening.
Mask Wearing
  • Employees and students are required to wear cloth face coverings unless medically exempted.
  • The school will provide employees with masks if requested.
  • Masks with one-way valves are not permitted.
  • Employees need not wear face coverings when alone in a private office or a cubical with a partition that exceeds the height of the employee when standing.
  • A medical grade mask will be provided to any employee who cares for sick children.
  • Employees are instructed to wash or replace face coverings daily.
  • Parents/guardians shall provide a minimum of two face coverings per day for their student.
Physical Distancing
  • In-person class sizes have been decreased into small, stable cohort groups.
  • Additional classroom spaces have been added and constructed.
  • Classroom furniture and nap spaces are set up 6 feet apart.
  • To the extent possible educators will balance group activities and emphasize individual activities to limit contact.
  • Employee work stations in common areas, break rooms, and offices are separated by 6 feet.
  • Markings will be in place to designate 6 feet distancing and prevent clustering of individuals.
  • Employee breaks are staggered to ensure that physical distancing can be maintained.
  • Enhanced and proper hygiene will be included in the regular classroom routine throughout the day.
  • Hand sanitizing dispensers will be available throughout the campus where a sink is not readily available.
  • Students and employees will be encouraged to wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds OR using hand rub with 60% ethyl alcohol content until the content dries.
  • Handwashing times include:
      • Arrival to campus
      • After blowing nose, coughing, or sneezing
      • After using the restroom
      • Before eating food
      • Before and after touching face
      • After playing outside
      • Before and after providing routine care for another person who needs assistance
      • Before putting on and after removing gloves
      • After touching frequently touched areas (e.g., door knobs, handrails)
  • Individuals providing health care services should perform hand hygiene before and after contact with each patient, contact with potentially infectious material, and using PPE.
  • Any used tissues or other potentially infected material must be disposed of in an opened-top wastebasket.
  • All individuals should avoid touching face or face covering.
  • Signage of hygiene practice will be posted throughout the campus.
  • Drinking fountains will not be in use.
  • Students should bring personal water bottles and refill them at designated stations.

Cohort Groups
  • In-person instruction must be provided in small, stable cohort groups.
  • Students will be assigned into cohort groups
  • Students will remain with the same cohort group.
  • Mixing of individuals between cohort groups will be minimized/avoided.
  • Students in PS-PK will be in four cohorts per grade level no larger than 12 students.
  • Students in K-4 will be in two cohorts per grade level no larger than 15 students.
  • Students in grades 5-8 will be in three cohorts per grade level no larger than 14 students.
  • PS-4 will be in the same classroom throughout the day with the same teacher or specialist.
  • Grades 5-8 will remain in the same classroom throughout the day with a designated set of theme-based, team teachers.
  • HVAC systems will be checked and filters will be routinely changed.
  • School employees will ensure that ventilation systems operate properly and will increase outdoor supply air as much as possible.
  • Doors and windows will be opened to encourage the introduction of sunlight and fresh air in the classroom.
  • Use of outdoor classrooms and outdoor spaces will be maximized.

Cleaning and Disinfecting
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved products against COVID-19 will be utilized and cleaning staff will follow product instructions.
  • Regularly scheduled daily cleaning and disinfection will take place around campus.
  • A safe and correct application of disinfectants using PPE and ventilation will be observed during cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Employees engaged in disinfecting will be provided with proper training and PPE for COVID-19 disinfection (gloves, eye protection, and mask).
  • Shared surfaces will be disinfected between uses, such as desks, tables, chairs, keyboards, phones, headsets, and copy machines.
  • Students and teachers will participate in surface disinfecting in their classrooms, as appropriate.
  • Where possible, the use of shared items and resources will be minimized among students.
  • Where possible, touchless light fixtures and plumbing will be installed.
  • High-touch surfaces such as door handles, light switches, handrails, sink handles, restroom surfaces, toys, art supplies, instructional materials, and playground equipment will be disinfected frequently throughout the school day.
  • Any areas known to be infected with COVID-19 will be closed off for 24 hours before a full cleaning and remain unoccupied for an additional 24 hours.

Education and Training
  • All employees will be trained and provided with educational materials.
  • Families will be provided with the following educational materials:
      • Health screening practices
      • Guidelines for staying at home, and returning to school
      • Enhanced sanitation and hygiene practices
      • Physical distancing guidelines
      • Proper use of face coverings and gloves
      • Guidelines for mask use and cleaning
      • How COVID-19 is spread
      • COVID-19 specific signs and symptom identification
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