Jimmy Cinnamo » Biography


Mr. Cinnamo is excited to enter his 10th year at St. Matthew’s and his 4th year as a Kindergarten teacher. He joined St. Matthew’s Parish School in 2009 as a Second Grade teacher. Prior to coming to St. Matthew’s, Mr. Cinnamo worked at a private school in California for nine years and a public school in New York for three years. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and his Master of Arts in Multicultural Education from Iona College in New York. His teaching philosophy is rooted in empathy, understanding, love and respect. He challenges his students to embody the qualities of our character covenant. He encourages them to work hard, care about each other, and make a positive impact on the world. He has a great passion and enthusiasm for education. His Kindergarteners learn from an array of innovative practices and authentic experiences that are incorporated into their lessons, which ignite their passion for learning.