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Sydney Streimer is excited to be new member of St. Matthew’s faculty.  She brings her passion for teaching physical education and wellness to the elementary lower school level.  After moving from the east coast to California, Sydney taught Wellness & Fitness and coached tennis at the Archer School for Girls. Prior to moving to the west coast, she taught K-6 Physical Education at The Chapin School in New York City.  Ms. Streimer holds a Master of Arts degree in Biobehavioral Science in Curriculum and Physical Education from Columbia University, Teachers College.  Ms. Streimer received her undergraduate degree in Movement and Sports Studies with a Health minor from Springfield College in Massachusetts. In her free time, Ms. Streimer enjoys volunteering and enjoys outdoor activities such as cycling & tennis.
Fun Fact:  Growing up in Mystic Connecticut, Ms. Streimer took a 45-minute ferry to school each day and graduated from the smallest public school in New York State with a class size of two students.