Timber Monteith » Biography


Mr. Monteith is excited to join the St. Matthew’s community as a school counselor. He most recently worked at Collingwood School in West Vancouver, BC. After starting his career teaching elementary school in British Columbia, Mr. Monteith moved to Cairo, Egypt, and then Shanghai, China where he taught 5th grade before becoming a school counselor.  He holds a BA and BEd from UBC, a master's in Educational Administration from Michigan State University, and a Masters in International Counseling from Lehigh University. His favorite part about his job is connecting with others, building positive relationships, and helping others see their full potential. Mr. Monteith loves a good joke, reading autobiographies, running, and playing a variety of sports including softball, volleyball, and curling. He also has a vintage car named “Linda”. Mr. Monteith is looking forward to getting to know everyone at St. Matthews!