Sprague Rooftop

The Sprague Rooftop play area underwent a major makeover in Summer 2016. Parents contributed a portion of the funds for the renovation at the Auction Dinner Raise the Paddle in  2016. The School funded the remainder of the project to create an enhanced play and lunch area. The rooftop sits atop the Sprague gymnasium and therefore significant care was being taken to ensure structural soundness and waterproofing of the new area to make sure the cherished gymnasium was not damaged. 
The renovation includes:
  • removal of the thorny plants in the perimeter planters
  • re-lining and waterproofing all perimeter planter beds and the building perimeter
  • removal of the cracked cinder block planter beds
  • removal of the donor pavers adjacent to the lunch area
  • creation of a new donor wall 
  • installation of a new fence to contain and capture playground balls
  • purchase and installation of new drought-friendly plants
  • construction of new handball walls
  • expansion of concrete deck area for lunch and game tables
  • addition of a new multi-arm water fountain
  • purchase and installation of new basketball hoops with padded St. Matthew's bumper guards
  • re-striping of game surfaces including basketball, four-square and other games
  • purchase and installation of new lunch tables and chairs
The photos displayed on this page reflect the many behind-the-scenes phases of the work necessary to complete this project. We are grateful for the ongoing hard work of the sextons and facilities staff to make this new space great!
Rain over the holidays, and continuing in January and February, delayed completion of this project.  We are delighted to confirm the rain proofing works! The appearance of the sun heralded the arrival of a bounty of luscious plants to add living color to the space.