Affording St. Matthew's

It is our desire that St. Matthew’s be accessible to children from a wide range of economic backgrounds, whose parents are supportive of the School’s mission and who are well suited for admission. To accommodate families' varying financial needs, we offer both financial aid and tuition payment plans.


Tuition and Payment Options

Tuition covers basic academic program for each student, providing teachers' salaries, essential instructional materials, maintenance and upkeep of buildings and equipment, and various support services.


Tuition 2023-2024

Preschool (half day): $21,400

Preschool (full day): $30,900

Pre-Kindergarten (full day): $33,700

Kindergarten-Grade 4: $36,400

Grades 5-6: $38,500

Grades: 7-8: $41,900


Additional Fees

Activity Fees: These fees encompass field trips and overnight retreats, ranging from $1,100 (Grade 5) to $3,200 (Grade 8).

New Student Fee: There is a one-time fee of $2,000 for each newly enrolled student.


Payment Options

A monthly tuition payment plan is available to all families. It allows parents, for a nominal fee, to break the full tuition cost into two installments or ten monthly payments beginning July 1. Any questions regarding the monthly tuition plan options should be directed to Trevor Mutch, Interim Director of Finance at [email protected].


Financial Aid

St. Matthew's offers financial aid for the combined purposes of broadening the socio-economic diversity of students, ensuring that the school remains affordable to both existing and prospective families, and allowing the composition of the student body to represent, as fully as possible, the community served by the Parish. Our aim is that no child who is well-suited for admission be denied the opportunity of attending because of an inability to pay the full tuition and fees. The Financial Aid Committee, consisting of the Rector and School Administrators determines eligibility for Financial Aid Grants.


In making recommendations, the Committee will consider the following:

  • The family’s needs, as identified by SSS (School and Student Services), an independent needs-assessment program used by thousands of independent schools nationwide.
  • The extent to which a family has already mobilized its own financial resources for paying tuition.
  • The funds available for aid.
  • The individual circumstances affecting the family’s request for assistance.


Important Information regarding Financial Aid:

  • Our review process involves applying consistent principles across all applicants to determine the families most in need of a financial aid grant.
  • Receipt of aid for one school year does not ensure that aid will be available in subsequent years.
  • Families may begin the process in early October by completing the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) online. See Applying for FA document below.
  • Additional information requested during the process includes a confidential statement regarding the details of financial circumstances and tax return information. 
  • In addition to assistance with tuition, some families may qualify for supplemental Aid towards incidental fees that occur throughout the school year.
For Current Families: The deadline to apply for financial aid is January 3, 2024. Late applications will be considered only if funds remain available.
For Families Applying to St. Matthew's: The deadline to submit your financial aid application is January 15, 2024. If admitted, families will receive their financial aid award along with their acceptance notification. Late applications will be considered only if funds remain available.
If you have any questions about financial aid, please contact Kristine Anderssen, Director of Financial Aid, at [email protected] or Carinne Barker, Director of Enrollment and Strategic Marketing, at [email protected].