Additional Information

Medically Fragile and/or Immune Compromised Employees/Students
  • Vulnerable employees (those above age 65 and those with chronic health conditions) are assigned work that can be done from home whenever possible. Employees in this category should discuss concerns with their healthcare provider.
  • Work processes are reconfigured consistent with academic requirements and student needs.
    • Consistent with wage and hour regulations and school mandates, staggered schedules are instituted to maximize physical distancing.
  • Human resources will contact employees to aid and protect those at higher risk.
  • Employees will be asked to submit any doctor-provided medical plans that may need to be instituted while at school.
  • Parents/guardians will inform the health office of any medical conditions their children may have and concerns associated with COVID-19.
  • Parents/guardians will be asked to submit medical plans to accommodate the student.
  • The school will communicate updates on current mitigation levels in school to reduce employee and student risk of exposure to COVID-19.
Communication Plans
  • The school will communicate with students, employees, and parents consistent with privacy requirements such as FERPA and HIPAA.
  • The school will communicate with all of its constituencies (parents, faculty, and community) via digital mail, video conferencing, and virtual town halls.
  • The school will check state and local orders and the health department notices daily about transmission.
  • Human resources will provide information to employees regarding labor laws, information regarding disability insurance, paid family leave, unemployment insurance, sick leave, and workers compensation.
  • The school will maintain regular communications with the local health department.
Food Service
  • Meals are eaten in classrooms or outdoors, without any mingling between cohort groups.
  • Students will bring their own lunch, or if catered, all lunches will be individual bag lunches.
  • Lunch from the food service will be delivered to classrooms.
  • Safety protocols from food service.
Pick Up, Drop Off, and Campus Flow
  • Entrance, egress, and movement within the school will be established to minimize close contact and mixing.
  • Routes will be designated around campus.
  • All cars will use the loop road.
  • Five drop off and pick up locations will be in place to reduce congestion.
  • Parents/guardians will be given a schedule to accommodate a staggered pick up and drop off times.
  • Only students will be permitted to exit vehicles during drop off.
  • Additional protocols will be established to limit direct contact with others.

Bus Transportation
  • A maximum of one child per seat.
  • Use of alternating rows.
  • Safety protocols from the bus company.

Visitor Protocol
  • Students arrive at designated drop off spots and depart at designated pick up spots.
  • Parents/guardians will be on campus only for emergency purposes.
  • Visitors on campus for essential purposes will be required to wear face coverings and maintain safe distances.
  • Visitors must be accompanied by a school official.
  • The school will limit gatherings, events, and extracurricular activities.
  • The use of school facilities for non-school purposes is not permitted.

Student Support Services
  • Student support services will mirror classroom protocols.
  • Furniture and equipment will be rearranged to promote a 6-foot distance.

Athletics and Extracurricular
  • Athletics and activities where there is increased likelihood of transmission from contaminated exhale droplets (singing, yelling, chanting, and blowing wind instruments) are not permitted at this time.
  • Protocol in construction
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