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School Prayer

School Prayer

Each Monday morning at the conclusion of the K-8 Chapel and on other occasions students sing the School Prayer, which encapsulates much of the school’s goals, hopes and values for each student, teacher and parent in the community.
We thank you, God, for all of your blessings.
Our life at St. Matthew's is filled with your grace.

We thank you, God, for things we are learning, friends we are loving, and games that we play.

Teach us to be people of courage, hope and joy in all that we do.
Help us to live together in kindness,
respecting all things which are all part of you.

Strengthen us with your love that we may give to those in need.

We thank you, God, for all of your blessings.
Be with us this day.
Be with us always.


Words by David Miller and Les W. Frost
Music by Lori Richards