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First and foremost, we are committed to the health, well-being, and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and parents at St. Matthew's Parish School. Please find the School's community communication below.
In addition to the school cancellations above, the Administration asks for your support in postponing all outside events that involve the broader School Community (Party Book Events).
Dear St. Matthew's Families,
Below, please find an important letter from Bruce Freeman, Rector of St. Matthew's Church.
Ed Kim
Dear Members of the St. Matthew's Community,

I pray that you and your loved ones are well. This is a challenging and disruptive moment for all of us when we are understandably disoriented and are seeking signs of hope and solace. My prayer is that all of you who are connected to St. Matthew's in some way will now lean into our shared values of deep faith, mutual support and gentle compassion.

I am continually amazed with the innovative ways in which we have quickly remodeled our ministry efforts and given them new life during this unique time. As a community, our channels of communication have changed, but our values remain intact and flourish. Our Sunday and Wednesday morning services never missed a beat - thanks to live streaming - while Emmaus Groups and Confirmands continue to meet via video conferencing. Scouts keep working toward their merit badges, frequently checking in on each other’s progress, and the Outreach Commission tirelessly connects agencies in service to others with volunteers in our midst. Students of St. Matthew’s Parish School arrive ready for a full day of creative, interactive classroom activities each morning from the comfort of their own homes. The Thrift Shop diligently maintains its mission to serve those in need through grassroots outreach efforts while the store is temporarily closed. The Music Guild stays in constant communication with its members and musicians and St. Matthew’s Day Camp has been known to make special guest appearances on our popular Bedtime Story series on Facebook. Without a doubt, our community is rising to this moment with collective determination and kindness.

Like other businesses and institutions, St. Matthew’s must adhere to protocols enacted by our City, County and State governments in accordance with Safer at Home orders. In thoughtful consultation with our Director of Facilities, Greg Heidt, I have made the difficult decision to close the campus for the safety of all of those who are a part of our community. We believe this is imperative to comply with the law – and to protect all of God’s children. Please help us in this regard by staying off the St. Matthew’s grounds for the time being, no matter how appealing. We look forward to strengthening our virtual connections until we may once again gather together on the grounds we love.

Social distancing is an essential tool in the fight to mitigate the novel coronavirus, but this doesn’t mean you must be isolated. St. Matthew’s is much more than its buildings. It is us. You and me: all of us who connect with and through Christ, through God and now -- through technology. Stay connected with us and each other on Facebook, Instagram and the St. Matthew’s Mobile App for Android or iPhone. Walk safely amongst our brothers and sisters in the neighborhood, wave hello, share a greeting, but please do so from a distance of at least six feet. And smile. Though things are difficult now, we are blessed with brilliant medical minds who will find a way through this. And we are blessed with each other.

Thank you for your patience during this time. Please tune in to our services online and do reach out if you need support or want to be of service to others. Despite the current challenges, we remain stronger together. Together we remain a community of love, support and faith.

With love,
The Rev. Bruce A. Freeman
Rector, Parish fo St. Matthew