Toddler Bridge

Welcome to St. Matthew's Toddler Bridge!

Bridge is a drop-off program for children who will be age-eligible for preschool the following school year.
Classes meet from 12:40 to 2:40 in the St. Matthew's Preschool September through June of each year. 
This experience provides a safe and positive bridge from a parent-toddler program to the greater independence of preschool. Bridge classes provide young children the opportunity to build confidence, gain valuable social interaction skills, and cultivate a positive self-image through the support of our experienced teachers; It's an important step in developing readiness for a longer preschool day! The curriculum includes hands-on experiences including art activities, stories, music, movement, and outdoor play. We encourage families to join the Toddler Bridge Program to supplement, not replace, their Parent-Toddler class!


At this time, we are not offering Bridge in the fall of 2020.

If we are able to open our program and you are interested in enrolling your child in Bridge, please complete this survey to indicate your interest. No deposit or tuition will be taken at this time. 


If classes run during the 2020-2021 school year, we will welcome all children born between August 1, 2017, and July 31, 2018.

2020-2021 Tuition

Classes per Week
 2 afternoons  $3,500
 3 afternoons  $3,933
 4 afternoons  $5,250
 5 afternoons  $6,563
The Toddler Bridge Program is open to all families whose children meet age requirements. We encourage you to share information about our program with any friends who may be interested.

Thank you for your interest in Bridge at St. Matthew's. We look forward to welcoming a new group of friends in September!

Inquiries may be directed to:
Grey McIntosh
Early Childhood Coordinator

Dana Berlin
Principal, Preschool through Grade 4

Parents often ask if participation in Toddler Bridge is a prerequisite for admission to St. Matthew’s Parish School. It is not. The Bridge Program is an auxiliary program of St. Matthew’s and admission to the Parish School is separate and distinct. We encourage parents who are interested in admission to the school to submit an application in the Fall. Further information is available in the Admission section of the school website.