As a Parish school, the ultimate responsibility for St. Matthew’s Parish School resides with the Rector, Wardens and Vestry of the Parish of St. Matthew. In order to ensure the orderly operation of the school, the Vestry established a Board of Trustees, whose members serve three-year terms, renewable, with four new members seated annually. The full board meets six times per year and is responsible for the school’s finances and formation of policies by which the school will be operated. The board works closely with the Head of School and accomplishes much of its work through its standing committees and various task forces. The standing committees include Finance, Facilities, Development, Executive, and the Committee on Trustees.
Board of Trustees for 2016-2017
M. Mark Albert Jennifer T. Lee
Amy Childress, Development Co-Chair Sara Margiotta, Parents' Council President
John Choi, Vestry Representative Jay Mortenson, Treasurer
Rick Commons Melissa Rawlins, Vestry Representative
Mike Davis Mark Roosa, Vice Chair
Hunter Doble, Chair Marianne Wisner Royer
Jackie Ehlers, Secretary Theodore A. Russell, Board Representative to Vestry
The Rev. Bruce A. Freeman, Rector Darren Seidel, Treasurer
Chris Graves Moira Mayer Shourie
Joan Hill, Development Co-Chair Jason Silletti, Past Chair
Helen Kinnear Stuart Work, Head of School
Fred Komfeind Thomas Wuchenich
Monica Lacy  

Head of School and Administration

Stuart Work The Head of School is the chief administrative officer of the school, appointed by the Board of Trustees and the Rector. The Head is responsible to the Board for the development of the entire academic program and for direction of all activities and operations necessary to the professional work of teachers, supervision of students, maintenance of educational and behavioral standards, formulation and review of curriculum, and managing and planning the school's operating budget and any major facilities improvements.
Stuart Work is the Head of St. Matthew's Parish School.

Dana Berlin The two Principals work under the direction of and report directly to the Head of School. One Principal oversees the curriculum, instructional practices, student counseling, operations and admission for the Preschool through Fourth Grade, the other for the Middle School (Grades 5-8). Both Principals confer regularly with the Head regarding faculty, staff, students, curriculum, parents, budget, and policy matters.
Dana Berlin is Principal for Grades PS-4.

Bruce Harlan The Principals meet and communicate regularly in order to insure the coordination of programs, policies and operations throughout the entire school. In addition to responsibilities specific to respective program levels, each Principal performs overarching or school-wide roles in support of the School's routine operations.
Bruce Harlan is Principal for Grades 5-8.

Ellen Pfahler Working with the Head of School and the Board, the Director of Finance plans and manages the school's budgets, oversees the school's various insurance plans and coordinates all employee benefit programs.
Ellen Pfahler serves as the Director of Finance.

Carol O'Day The Director of Development Alumni Relations coordinates and oversees the fundraising and public relations activities of the school, including annual giving, alumni communications and special events.
Carol O'Day is the Director of Development and Alumni Relations.

Dr. Maya Kelly The School Psychologist works as a consultant who assists in the identification of children with special needs in close association with the principals, and helps recommend a course of action for such children. The counselor provides, individually and through in-service programs, assistance to teachers and families in identifying and working with students with learning or behavioral difficulties.<
Dr. Maya Kelly is the School Psychologist.

The Reverend Kristen Barberia The Chaplain is responsible for developing and implementing programs within the school, which focus on the spiritual growth of the children of St. Matthew's. Responsibilities include overseeing the liturgical life of the school through weekly chapel services, providing pastoral care to students and families, teaching courses in religious education, and coordinating the School's community service program.
The Reverend Kristen Barberia is the School Chaplain.

Juana Rodriguez The Assistant to the Head of School performs services in direct support of the Head, Board and Administration of the School. As Director of Human Resources, the person in this position oversees personnel records and health benefits.
Juana Rodriguez Ochoa is the Assistant to the Head of School & Director of Human Resources.

John Umekubo The Director of Technology oversees all technology programs and initatives for the school, including the 1:1 iPad program, technology labs, online resources, the campus network, as well as professional development in technology.
John Umekubo is the Director of Technology.

Daniel Knowles Under the direction of the Head of School, the Director of Admission implements the school's admission policies by overseeing the interviewing and evaluation of prospective students for grades PS-8. Furthermore, the Director monitors the entire admission process from inquiry and admission, to the integration of new students into the school.
Daniel Knowles is Interim Director of Admission